Wishing Well Series 1,2,3 ((Books One, Two and Three))

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Angie does a wonderful job narrating and helps make it even funnier. Inn and Out - I loved this sweet slightly off-beat romance. Listening to their disasters and successes made me smile and just re Blown Away - I've loved every book by Elise Sax that I have ever listened to and Blown away is another to add to that list.

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Listening to their disasters and successes made me smile and just really enjoy my time while listening. This was a great quick listen and Elise and Angie are a wonderful team I love listening to. Quick Bang - This story may not have been very long, but it was hilarious. Elise is so mean to poor Stone.

The poor guy is pretty much tortured by Norma, but some how it's cute in a sweet awkward way. I love this mini adventure by these two and Angie Hickman did a wonderful job narrating I'm not sure how she does it without laughing the whole time but she does an awesome narration. Jul 06, Rosemary Hughes rated it it was amazing. I have submitted these reviews after listening to the audiobooks for this series. They get more than they bargain for, plus their own relationship takes a distinct turn for something they both could have only dreamed about.

I submitted this review after listening to the audiobooks for this series. I hate to give away a great storyline, but there is one hunk of hottie involved. You can either read or listen to the author's story or use your own imagination. I would go with the author's version, if you want a funny, funky and heroic tale.

Dec 27, Birgit rated it it was ok. The first three books in the Three More Wishes Series left me scratching my head and thinking: "Really? The storytelling as such, however - all three books are told in 1st person singular by the relevant female protagonist - was too bubbly, trying too much to be funny and hitting you over the head with it, and again, way unrealistic. The second book I liked best of the three, at least that was somewhat funny. In all fairness, I think if the stories had been longer and the author given the events, reactions, interactions etc. And no, I don't think I will follow this series or this author - sorry.

Jan 16, Victoria Sturlini rated it it was amazing. I laughed so loud and hard that my dog that was laying on the bed with me got up and left because I was disturbing his nap! Truly though these stories are so good So quirky So witty With such unexpected happenings that you can't even begin to know what is going to happen next!!!

The banter and satirical thoughts and conversations between the characters are delightful. These books are also romantic and super sexy All the books in this series are entertaining, cute, and feel good readings Nov 18, Stephanie Bolen rated it liked it. Spastic and weird I think Elise just sat at her desk with a random scenario generator to come up with the plot of two of the short stories.

Three More Wishes Series

The people are all space cadets. The guys are all well hung, what an island. And I'm twitching cause the words hurt my brain. But the good news is each character has her own voice so, when the reporter melts your brain it's quickly over and on to the next. I liked Beryl the best cause she seemed the most sane.

Oct 25, Jane rated it it was amazing. Like the first three wishes stories, this book contains three adorable, light hearted, fun stories perfect for a lazy afternoon.

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Elise Sax writes down to earth heroines who are bright and determined, though sometimes a bit naive and heroes who are earnest, trustworthy and oh so hunky and Summer Island provides an Anytown setting that feels a lot like your town, wherever that is. I loved these stories and Angie Hickman's melodious voice in the audio book makes them a pleasure to listen to.

Apr 24, Jo-Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. I always know that when I pick up a book by Elise Sax that I'm guaranteed some rib busting laughs and tons of swoon-worthy moments.

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These stories did not disappoint! They were sweet and charming and the characters were so endearing and relatable that it was impossible to avoid loving them. Fans of fun, sexy romance will love this series. Oct 10, Annie rated it liked it. If you are looking for a light and over the top comedic dialogues, this is it. Three short stories, all happening in the same location and with characters that know each other.

The stories are too short to really have much depth to them, but then again, I don't think depth was intend for this book. It's light and fun with exaggerated characters and situations. Sep 25, Judith Wong rated it liked it. Cute, funny stories about Summer Island and three women and the man they lust for Summer Island has a number of young women who yearn for certain young men.

source site Here are the stories of how their wishes come true! Sep 20, Lauralee Wiltsie rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance. I really enjoyed the combination of the adventure and humor in this series as well as the HEA. However, I would have liked to see Beryl's ex get his comeuppance for framing her and forcing her to do time.

Oct 15, J S Boyd rated it it was amazing.

Very funny A funny take on new romance. A lighter side of the genre. Would read again and recommend to others. Oct 06, Kathleen Booker rated it really liked it. Lot's of laughs Read first three of five wishes and was very funny. Had the right amount of drama and comedy to keep you interested. Oct 31, Karen rated it it was amazing.

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Fantastically funny romances in this 3 book set. Aug 06, Rhonda Jones rated it it was amazing. Fantastic Laugh out loud antics with sizzling sexual chemistry and a healthy side of action adventure. I could not ask for more in a contemporary romance. Sep 24, Bernie rated it really liked it. Nov 08, Ruth rated it really liked it. Enjoyed each story to the point I wished they were longer.

There was humor, suspense, romance Apr 03, Debra McCool rated it it was amazing. So cute I liked the romance, humor, fast pace and storylines. The charcters were all great. Would definitely read this author again. Sep 21, Kristy Owen Owen rated it it was amazing. I love Elise Sax!!!!!

Elise Sax makes me laugh so hard at all the mishaps the couple's go through! All her characters in her book make you love them with all their quirks!!!!!!

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Dec 11, Christine Iula rated it it was ok. Nov 05, Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , romance. I enjoyed them. Nov 11, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. I absolutely love the way Elise Sax writes! Her characters come alive in the most funniest of ways!

Very enjoyable and easy to read. Sep 20, Courtney rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary.