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He smells mold and feels arms, legs or tentacles clinging to his body. Somerton later says that he believes his attacker to be the ghost of Abbot Thomas himself. He screams and falls over.

Want to go on a GOLD hunt? Scientists believe treasure is STILL hidden in these places

Brown is able to get Somerton out of the well and back to the inn. For the rest of the night, Somerton is unable to sleep. Brown sits up with him. The following morning, Somerton finds that he is unable to get out of bed.

He asks Brown to write to his friend Gregory the clergyman to tell him that he is ill. To get rid of the smell of mold, Brown burns all the clothes that Somerton wore when he was in the well. At night, Somerton finds that the smell of mold is still there, although it appears to be coming from outside his bedroom door. He also hears faint sounds outside his door and has the feeling that someone or something is watching his room. In the morning, the noises stop and the smell goes away. Somerton realizes that the ghost which is watching his room is a "creature of darkness" that cannot stand the daylight.

In response to Brown's letter, Gregory comes to Steinfeld. Somerton begins to recover in the presence of his old friend. He makes Gregory promise to do something for him early the next morning but refuses to say what that thing is. Somerton says that the task will not be dangerous in the daylight.

The treasure map

Gregory agrees. That night, Gregory hears "fumbling about the lower part of his locked door. Gregory puts back the treasure. He and Brown replace the slab and smear it with mud so that it looks like the others. It is only when Somerton, Brown and Gregory have left Steinfeld and begun their journey back to England that Somerton tells Gregory the whole story. Gregory has no trouble believing Somerton's story because he is certain that a ghost was watching his bedroom the night before also.

The Treasure Principle | Sermon series | Keep Believing Ministries

He also says there is a marble sculpture on the well which Somerton failed to notice. The sculpture depicts a toad-like beast. Near to it is a Latin inscription which can be translated as, "Keep that which is committed to you. The character of Brown is omitted.

The entire film takes place in England. The hidden treasure of Abbot Thomas is located near to Somerton's house. In the adaptation, Justin Somerton is an ordained Anglican priest and a lecturer at Cambridge University. Lord Dattering is one of his students.

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  • It is established early in the film that Somerton is a skeptic. Abbot Thomas is said to have only escaped execution for witchcraft by having been carried off by the Devil first and to have believed himself to be an alchemist. For that reason, Somerton believes that the treasure may really be base metal which Abbot Thomas incorrectly believed he had turned into gold.

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    When he tells Lord Dattering to put the treasure back, Somerton says that his suspicions were confirmed and that all he found was a purse full of worthless metal. When Lord Dattering looks in the purse, however, he sees that it is full of gold coins.

    A conscious choice between hopelessness and faith is the spine of this story.

    Whether or not the treasure was returned is not revealed. In the last scene of the film, the ghost of Abbot Thomas returns to take its final revenge on Somerton, suggesting that the treasure remained unreturned. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. This is the second sermon in a two-part miniseries on God and our money. Our greater goal is to get free of debt so we can move forward with our dream of becoming […].

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