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After a long fought battle, the invisible forces are defeated. After the battle, Caeldori informs Subaki of all the measures she took after the battle to ensure the safety of the villager and getting them the treatment they need. Overwhelmed by his daughter's overwhelming diligence in her post-battle event reports, Subaki allows Caeldori to join the army, though he vows to himself to stay ahead of her.

If Selena is the mother of Caeldori, a special ending occurs. Selena notes that Caeldori used to resemble Subaki as a child, but now she resembles her maternal grandmother.

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Caeldori remembers how Selena used to talk about her and even felt that Selena and Cordelia resembled one another. Selena still believes that Caeldori resembles her more, both in appearance and in personality. Honored to resemble such a great warrior, Caeldori vows to work harder to make her mother and grandmother proud. Selena ends by vowing not to die on her or abandon her, but Caeldori does not understand the significance behind this last comment.

Caeldori is gifted with both intelligence and beauty, and strives to constantly better herself. She feels the pressure of her father's fame and diligently hones her skills in hopes of one day becoming perfect like him. She bonds well with her mother, stating that she has no natural talent like Subaki. Instead she states that her mother's hardworking nature inspires her to become a better person herself. She easily falls in love more than the other members of the army.

The Last Falcon by Colleen Ruttan

In her supports, she is known to be an avid reader, and she also requests that Corrin be her mentor after having heard Subaki speak highly of them. In her supports with the female Corrin, it is revealed that she is a very talented writer so much so it brings the female Corrin to tears of joy calling it the most beautiful thing she ever read.

Caeldori is shown is her supports to be snippy with characters such as Asugi who skip out on chores or shirk their duties. Starting Class Mov -. These are Caeldori's default growth rates. Caeldori is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:. Caeldori is an anagram of Cordelia , the basis of her appearance. Although the name itself doesn't have a particular meaning, the 'Cael' part of her name could come from the Latin word 'caelum', meaning 'sky' or 'heaven', possibly being a reference to her class.

This is referenced in her support conversations with Shiro, where they talk about fire safety. It is also an anagram of Tiamo, Cordelia 's Japanese name. Sign In Don't have an account? Thanks for featuring my cover. And for the comments. This is a great contest. The title and by-line are off-center, however.

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Are there any rules or guidelines regarding this? The overall effect is going to be much more important than any one specific detail.

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I wanted to keep the look uniform obviously in the design so i decided not to remove the smaller text for ebook version. Have you thought about dividing the contest into ebooks and paperbacks?

The Last Falcon

Thanks for your comment. I have no plans at the moment to expand this monthly contest. There are many reviews of book covers, and the print book cover is well understood and terrific covers are produced every year by hundreds of talented designers.

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