SHEDDING LIGHT ON MURDER: A Grace Tolliver Cape Cod Mystery

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A first novel. Patricia driscoll was born in Westport, Conn. She spent many summer vacations on Cape Cod, the setting for her novel, and her family subsequently relocated there. After graduating from the University of San Francisco, she worked for many years as a probation officer for the San Francisco Probation Dept.

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For more information and to contact Patricia, please visit her website at www. Replete with authentic Cape settings and atmosphere, this cozy should have wide appeal. Publishers Weekly "The writing is first rate and the plotting just as good A terrific read!! This genial..

Shedding Light on Murder (Wheeler Publishing Large Print Cozy Mystery)

The snappy plot moves along with a minimum of side-stepping, making this a warm winter read.. Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in. This book is encouraging, informative, and thought-provoking. A twelve week Bible study guide is included in the back of the book. Since then, he has floundered his way through eleven more books without coming close to reaching the level of the first. If it's spies and rogue agents you're looking for, this is the book for you! Donna Ball. The main character is a dog trainer, Raine Stockton, who participates in a search and rescue operation for a missing child and mother, with unexpected repercussions.

ISBN 13: 9781410447012

Her golden retriever, Cisco, is young and inexperienced, but the other SAR dog teams are hours away, and every minute counts when there are lives at stake. An animal psychic friend adds an unusual element to the story. I liked it well enough that I plan to read the sequel currently scheduled for release Dec. Fortunately for us, it's really funny.

This is a terrific new voice in mystery But when the staff at the motel where she's been working tell him they've never seen her and her absence stretches into days, then weeks, Blake's investigation opens a whole new world to him. The question is: has Syd left on her own or has she uncovered something that cost her her life? And can he stay ahead of the police long enough to find out? Another fast-paced Barclay success. David Harwood is worried about his wife Jan, who has been showing signs of depression, but he is encouraged by her plans for them to take their four year-old son to a nearby amusement park for a family day.

Granted, her parents were livid last night to find her in a parked car with the town bad boy, but surely not enough to have taken her brother and left. However, twenty years go by without a word from her family and Cynthia has resigned herself to the fact that they're all dead. But after all this time, why would the killer come after her? If you're looking for a great, fast-paced suspense read in the tradition of Harlan Coben, then this is your book! Walker, in his own hapless way, finds himself drawn into a murder when he's asked for help by his former neighbor and professional dominatrix Trixie Snelling.

Trixie has kept her life a secret until now, when she is exposed by an article in the local weekly newspaper. The reporter is found in her home, strapped to a restraint device, and very dead. Zack and Trixie find themselves suspects in the crime, and pursued by really bad people from Trixie's past. Barclay is always worth reading and this book proves no exception. He'll hide in his best friend's house until the family leaves on vacation, then have a perfect place to see his girlfriend while they're gone.

But when he hears the family return, and he hears the shots that kill them, Derek knows that he is the perfect suspect. Is there a chance that the wrong people were murdered? Is his own family next? In true Barclay style this is a quick, page-turning thriller. An oldie but currently topical, especially since the authors are currently suing Dan Brown over his Da Vinci Code.

A controversial book about Christianity which could shatter our traditional beliefs. One of Dan Brown's main resources and, as such, an important read. Very thought provoking.

Shedding Light on Murder by Patricia Driscoll

When her father, drunk, bored and broken-hearted dies, too, Truly and her sister the breathtakingly beautiful Selena Jane are farmed out to local families where they continue the paths already established for them Selena Jane the cherished trophy daughter, Truly the dutiful workhorse. Nicely written, with a story that reminded me a little of Garden Spells and Lace Reader; a very good first novel. Vampire romance. Interesting interaction between the vampires and the shape shifters. The main vampire character, Reinn Mackenzie, has the job of keeping vampires and shape shifters from intermarrying, a job he hates but has to do.

Unfortunately for him, he's just fallen in love with a woman who happens to be a "were-. I really liked it! Not just dead, but eaten-by-a-bear dead. When he arrives at his father's camp he finds, not a bear, but a group of survivalists who are armed to the teeth and whose artwork on the walls features a picture of Timothy McVeigh. At least his father isn't dead, but a lot of people might be if Zack can't find out just who is being targeted by this group and stop them before it's too late.

Maybe a notch less funny than the first two, but still a must-read. The main character, teenage Mary Fred, is removed from her parents due to their participation in a detrimental mind-control cult her siblings die from lack of medical attention. This is the story of her life once placed with a foster family: how she affects them and how they affect her.

The book starts out telling the story from Mary Fred's perspective, and then switches to the foster mother, the foster sister, the foster uncle, and then back to Mary Fred again. Very interesting as the story progresses told from the perspectives of different characters. We don't all live in the same world, in a sense, and this book illustrates that. The authors are sassy and hysterical. This is a sequel to "How it All Vegan". Just back from vacation, Quinn is sent to tidy up the details following a fatal fire but what he finds convinces him that this is no ordinary job, a conviction strengthened when the killers come for him. Full of spies and counterspies, this is a solid beginning to this new series. When cleaner Jonathan Quinn is hired to dispose of a body in a shipping container he is shocked to find that his friend Steven Markoff is the dead man.

Mystery Street

And when his attempt to notify Markoff's girlfriend of his murder sets off a series of attacks on him, Quinn is drawn into a tangle of international intrigue and a shadow group whose purpose is to influence the U. Battles is at the top of his form with this one; I can't wait for the next. As a cleaner, Quinn's job is to clean up and dispose of any mess that might be left after this meeting However, when an unanticipated and definitely uninvited guest arrives all hell breaks loose, leaving four men dead and the two cleaners up to their necks in an international plot that threatens to disrupt governments at their highest levels.

A harrowing, tightly plotted book, this third in the Quinn series races with roller coaster speed. Journey back with Lillian and her eight students in this poetic, delectable read that ends far too quickly.


All fifteen stories can be found in one volume called, 15 Books In 1: L. My personal favorite is Ozma of Oz. Ages 8 and up. I didn't read this one as a child the only one I missed , but from an adult perspective this book is not that great.

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