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I just love them. I also love Cher and Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck. Most of your books have gone on to become beloved series. Only with certain books. The Princess Diaries and The Mediator , yes. Those books only became series because for , the publisher wanted it to, and for AAG, the readers wanted it to. I have no plans to write sequels to Teen Idol , for instance. From my own books? I never go back and reread my own books. It came out exactly the way I wanted it to the first time.

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That is highly unusual for me. You update your blog on MegCabot. What is it like to be so accessible to your fans? My husband says my idea of a vacation is to go someplace else and work. You host several chats in which fans get to ask you anything from writing advice to spoilers for your next books. If you could have a chat with any author, who would it be, and what would you ask? I would definitely ask J. Rowling what she has planned for Hermione and Ron and Harry — especially Hermione. After returning from your book tour in England, what do you find to be the biggest difference between UK and US fans?

What surprised you the most? The UK readers are much more hesitant to speak in public than US readers. When I speak in the UK, and ask if there are any questions, it takes a while for people to start raising their hands.

What is the embarrassing story that your mother breaks out in mixed company? It was my dad, not my mom, who used to do that. I once asked him if he ever told his students about me during his classes he was a professor. He said yes, he HAD told his students about me once — he said he told them about the first time they fed me corn as a baby, and what my diaper looked like afterwards. As expected, she did it "I might look like a honey-eyed schoolgirl on the outside, in my skirt with its regulation four-inches-above-the-knee hem.

As expected, she did it again.

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She nailed it brilliantly. I understand why some people didn't like this book. With its dark atmosphere, it's very different from everything Meg Cabot has written.

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In her books, we are usually introduced to a strong and likeable main heroine with typical girly problems who has always a sarcastic remark in hand and makes us laugh a lot. Pierce is definitely not one of them. You can tell from the very start that she's been through a lot, she is quite an outsider despite being beautiful, not really stupid and having a famous and rich dad.

Since she She looks at the world with these sad, tragic eyes and doesn't really enjoy her life, she hides from it. Then there's John, the hot and mysterious keeper of the Underworld she's trying to escape from. Too bad he keeps popping up when she most needs him and endangering everyone who lays a finger on her.

That leaves her torn between feelings of fear and some kind of affection for him, and she might be starting to feel something more It's so hard to describe this book because so many things were happening there and yet, when I think about it, not really. The half of the book was told in flashbacks. I thought it would be focused on the love story but it wasn't. The first book in the series was about getting to know Pierce, finding out what actually happened to her that made her the way she was Pierce's famous father was one of my favourite characters, I found him incredibly funny with all his yelling and "Do you know who I am?!

Their chemistry was electrifying. I was very surprised at the direction this book took. I consider Meg's books quite predictable - it was never particularly difficult to guess who the villain was going to be. Not in this case. I had no idea who the bad guy was until it was revealed in the penultimate chapter. I am very glad that bad reviews didn't influence my decision to read this novel. I'd say it's one of the best books Meg's ever written. View all 3 comments.

Nov 02, Misha Mathew rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-sci-fi-apocalyptic-myths. Writing this review actually make me sad and guilty because I hate writing anything negative about a Meg Cabot book. I first discovered Princess Diaries when I was 11 years old and fell instantly in love with Meg Cabot's books.

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I loved the Princess Diaries series and the Mediator series even more! I haven't a read a Meg Cabot book since I was around 16, but I have happy memories of her books. Now I just wish I had not read Abandon, just so I could preserve those memories. Abandon is a new take on Writing this review actually make me sad and guilty because I hate writing anything negative about a Meg Cabot book. Abandon is a new take on the Hades-Persephone myth. Pierce, the main protagonist, finds herself in the "Underworld" similar to that of Hades', after she nearly drowns.

There she meets John, whom she had previously met at her grandfather's funeral when she was a little kid. She somehow manages to escape the Underworld, but John seems to appear everywhere she goes, especially when she's in trouble. She can't seem to escape from him.

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After an incident, she moves to an island where her mother's family lives. However, trouble seems to follow her there too.. When I first read the synopsis for the book, I nearly fainted from excitement. The premise seemed so enticing; and I was sure it was going to be as amazing as The Mediator series. The reality?

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The synopsis is actually hundred times more exciting than the book. I feel really deceived! Nothing actually happens throughout the book. Most of the book is about how Pierce landed in the Underworld and how she escaped from it; and her previous meetings with John. I kept waiting for something even remotely exciting to happen, but the book finished and nothing happened. I would not have minded the lack of a plot, if the character development was well done. However, every character is one-dimensional. I cannot remember liking a single character. As for Pierce, I hated her! There is not one likable quality about her.

The only words I can use for her is - Spoilt brat! She's selfish, shallow, hypocritical and appears to be lacking a brain. She is portrayed as being someone who is not materialistic, yet she does and says stuff which makes her exactly so. When she gets into trouble, she says things like "You want money? My father will give it to you". Please keep in mind that's not an actual quote from the book. Her father ends up with a seven figure lawsuit due to Pierce's actions, but her reaction to it is as if it's an amusing thing.

As in - "Haha How funny that I caused my father to be sued for seven million! Througout the book, it's been repeated again and again how "caring" she is. I just don't see it!