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A U. He played with Marty Balin in a couple of bands, toured with Billie Preston, and then partnered with the great sax man Steve Douglas on many, many sessions. The Hunter and Barlow tunes have so much depth and there are so many ways to play them…. This tour will feature Joe Chirco. Jo e Chirco knew he wanted to be a drummer from the age of three. Long Island born and raised, he attended his first G. In he joined the Zen Tricksters for a four-year stint, which put him squarely in the G. Tom Constanten will be forced to miss the first shows of the tour, and sitting in on keys will be Scott Guberman.

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Scot t Guberman grew up on Long Island, seedbed of DeadHeadism, and first encountered the Dead at a Madison Square Garden concert that, psychedelically aided, rocked his world. He joined the East Coast G. Michae l Falzarano has been a working guitarist and vocalist for over 45 years, most notably in Hot Tuna, the famed offspring of The Jefferson Airplane, and in the seminal cosmic cowboy Grateful Dead spinoff The New Riders of the Purple Sage. The duo is joined by drummer Bill Vitt and bassist John Kahn, who soon became a lifelong Garcia collaborator. Toggle navigation. Grateful Dead.

New Riders of the Purple Sage. Grateful Web Sponsors. Listen to Goose. I've never played in bands that did a lot of covers. That was eclectic, sort of like Incredible String Band stuff. Relix: When did you meet the Bear? We were opening shows for the Good Ol' Boys with Garcia, who was engineering. Garcia was playing, too. Bear was always taping all of Garcia's shows, and he asked us if we wanted him to tape ours.

We said, "Sure. It was pretty out there music.

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We became good friends, and he was coming around, helping out, mixing sound and doing a lot of live recording. Dawson: Owsley still thinks that Rusty's one of the best musicians he's ever heard. Gauthier: He introduced us to a lot of people, to a lot of the Dead. That's when I first met all of the guys in the Dead, a few years prior to hooking up with John.

So we have a mutual connection in the back. Relix: Gary, where do your Bay Area roots stem from? Vogenson: I grew up in San Rafael.

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Vogenson: I began working with a lot of Bay Area musicians. Barry Melton gave me my first job in a rock band called "Melton, Levy, and the Dey Brothers" in Relix: Well, John, you go back a ways. Of course, you're synonymous with the New Riders name. When you started the band, was it just a loose configuration to open up for the Grateful Dead? How did that all come about? Dawson: I was hanging out with those guys.

by Zane Grey

I was on my own different course. I've been on a different course, of course, the whole time there, but hanging out in the same scenes in Palo Alto. In the daytime, people would be hanging out at Dana Morgan's music shop, and Garcia was an instructor there. He would rent teaching space. A kid would buy a guitar from the guitar shop, and he'd come in, and Jerry would give him guitar lessons.

By Zane Grey

Jerry did that for a number of years, as did David Nelson. They did it in various [and] sundry music stores around Palo Alto, but when I first remember hanging out with them was at Dana Morgan's. Dana supplied all the instruments for the very first configuration of the Warlocks, as they called themselves when they first started. Dana actually attempted to play bass, but was inadequate to the task, and after a couple of gigs in Pinky's Pizza in Menlo Park, they decided that Dana wasn't quite up for it.

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That was when Jerry gave his old pal Phil a call and said, "Hey, get down here, man, and play the bass for us. The first time that Phil showed up to hang out with Jerry and listen to some of the stuff they were doing, they said, "Here, here's the bass," and Phil says, "What do I do with this?

I said, "Well, the low one's E, and the next one's an A and you go up this far to get to A," and like that. So I showed Phil the first actual formation that he learned on the bass guitar. That's one of my great claims to fame.

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  • I thought that would be a fact that would trip some Relix fans out! Gauthier: I'm sure Phil will deny it vehemently.

    Interview With David Nelson of the New Riders of The Purple Sage Pt. 1 | KBOO

    Dawson: Phil will probably deny it, but I did actually say, "Okay, this is this one and that one is that one. Relix: When did you first meet Robert Hunter? Dawson: Earlier than that, just hanging out in various scenes in Palo Alto. They were beginning to get their jug band going. I'm not sure when I first met Hunter.

    In '65, I believe. Dawson: Hunter had this tune in mind. He came over to where Nelson and I were living.

    neparhandpe.ml He was living about two miles away. He had that descending line, and he had all the words written out. But the words only went so far on that one line.