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Heavenly Star Chapter 215 Foolish Daughter (Part I)

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They arrived at the Forsyth home on Brookwood Drive after someone called The child died a short time later in the hospital. Lang said the medical examiner also discovered the child had several other injuries. Police charged both with felony child cruelty. Hendrickson also faces a count of making false statements. Howard lives just a few doors down from the home where Heaven died.

The Queen of Heaven's Daughter

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Already have an account? Sign In. Why are we asking this? She became one of the several Holy Daughters in one of the sects within the school. Hearing about the genius of the Ninth Sect, Fang Mu Meng Hao's clone who was ascending to the Immortal Realm at the time , her curiosity was irked as the name sounded very familiar. She, however, was very much shaken after seeing both Fang Mu and Meng Hao. Meng Hao saw her and he too was shocked at sensing the 'Allheaven' aura on her.

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The exact nature of her relation to the Allheaven is yet to be uncovered. She was the one that trapped the rest of Chu Yuyan 's soul that Meng Hao was unable to locate, as he could only recover a bit of her soul.

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To prevent the soul from dissipating, she would infuse a bit of her life force every now and then; eventually their souls became symbiotic. She used this as leverage against Meng Hao, temporarily arousing his anger. As an agent of Allheaven, her purpose is to induce Demons into becoming the emissaries of Allheaven known as Sons of Allheaven. She has to induce immortal tribulations on every Sons of Allheaven to help recover Allheaven's body.

Afterwards, Meng Hao returned to the Vast Expanse School and unleashed a killing intent so frightening that it made even the other four potentate and the 9-Essences paragons back down. Meng Hao attacked Han Bei with no holds barred and managed to kill her clone in both body and spirit. However, due to Yan'er living with Fang Mu Clone 's ninth life, she was able to sense her position through her connection to Chu Yuyan's soul.

She rushed to use Yan'er as a bargaining chip to save herself, however, Meng Hao appeared and slashed the Karma thread connecting her to Chu Yuyan's soul, which allowed Meng Hao to use the Copper Mirror to completely sever the connection between Han Bei and Chu Yuyan's soul.

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