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No, it can increase risks of some horrible cancers. The answer lies elsewhere.

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And now many are revealing that we have more control over this particular ageing process than any of us could ever have imagined Attitude matters. If you're habitually a negative thinker, you typically see a stressful situation with a threat stress response and your blood vessels constrict, and your level of the stress hormone cortisol creeps up, and then it stays up, and over time, that persistently high level of the cortisol actually damps down your telomerase.

Not good for your telomeres You have power to change what is happening to your own telomeres.

Blackburn also found a positive correlation between repairing telomeres and good and secure social environment and relationships. In short, if you want to look young and live healthy for longer, take life as a challenge attracting positive vibes from people Support quality journalism - Subscribe to The Hindu Digital.

Telling Voices Society. Sudhamahi Regunathan.

Elixir of youth: Hyaluronic Acid

Take life as a challenge, says Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, to look young and healthy The secret to everlasting youth is out!


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Submit Please enter a valid email address. Developing a drug to combat it is considered the Holy Grail in anti ageing research.

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Most human cells can reproduce a limited number of times. This protects against cancer as the more cells divide, the greater the chance they will accumulate errors. But as we age the senescent cells accumulate, secreting inflammatory molecules that can damage neighbouring tissue and trigger illness.

The Elixir of Youth

The new findings could shed light on a host of serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes — and lead to a medication that prevents them. Some of the damaging cell effects linked to ageing could be stopped by manipulating tiny parts of cells, say her team. They focused on a chain of harmful reactions known as SASP senescence-associated secretory phenotype.

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Prof Bickmore and colleagues say the study sheds light on the fundamental workings of the cell — and could be instrumental in understanding ageing. Your email address will not be published. Read more.

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  • Take life as a challenge, says Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, to look young and healthy.
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    'Elixir of youth' discovered for the first time

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