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Domain names are powerful, enabling technology — aiding billions of Internet users to find what they are looking for, transact, connect, and communicate daily. The utility, benefit, and innovation possible using domain names is virtually limitless. Domain names are unique addresses on the Internet used to identify websites.

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With the introduction of non-traditional domain name extensions, businesses and marketers now have more options than ever to incorporate domain names in their branding strategies. The Domain Name Association the DNA brings together the domain name industry to provide the expertise and content that businesses and marketers need.

The DNA is the first industry trade association to represent the interests of the entire domain name industry with regard to provisioning, expanded adoption and use of domain names. Domain names are unique addresses on the internet used to identify websites.


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AdultBlock and Email connects the globe with a click. And it is critical for more than just sending messages; we use email addresses to log in to social networks, identify ourselves for government At the ICANN meeting in Kobe, Japan, The Domain Name Association held their popular member breakfast, where leaders in the industry give and receive updates on the current events and trends that are unfolding - joined by leaders from other associations and groups There are now more By Rich Merdinger, DNA Chair As we kick off NamesCon , it's more important than ever to understand where and how the domain name industry has grown to what it is today.

At The DNA, we keep tabs on data, charts, and research related to the domain name industry In , domain names will continue their exponential growth over 27 million registrations since Youtube Tumblr Facebook Facebook Twitter.

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The study authors called for the creation of ethnically-diverse biobanks to address the imbalance. Francis Osifo and Abasi Ene-Obong co-founded 54gene earlier this year to further the study of African genomics, a field that has been under-explored until now.

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One such project is already underway and making rapid progress: Nigerian health tech startup 54gene , billed as "the world's first pan-African biobank," with a mission to address some of the continent's most serious health challenges. The founding members recruited specialists from across the world, drawing diaspora Nigerians back from companies such as Cancer Research UK and the World Bank.

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The team began with a pilot project in three Nigerian hospitals, securing the necessary regulatory and ethical permissions to allow doctors to obtain an initial 6, blood and tissue samples. The project has scaled up since then. Osifo says there are now partnerships with 17 hospitals and the target is to secure 40, samples by the end of this year, rising to , in Core targets for treatment include cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-degenerative disease.

Part of 54gene's work is developing diagnostic facilities within African countries. Currently some samples have to be sent abroad for testing.

Osifo points out that study of African DNA can deliver benefits that extend beyond Africa, as demonstrated in the case of Praluent. The company was also chosen from thousands of applicants for the "Google for Startups" accelerator scheme, which will see the firm benefit through mentoring and fundraising support from the software giant, as well as access to Google technology. The 54gene team in Nigeria, the company's base of operations. Osifo says the plan is to strike while the iron is hot through expansion of operations and into new markets.

The team hope to begin work soon in Rwanda and Botswana, as well as deepening their presence in Nigeria. Osifo says there are specific challenges to building a health tech company in Nigeria relative to the US and Europe. Highly-skilled workers are often tempted by jobs abroad, and entrepreneurs must play a part in developing necessary infrastructure rather than relying on a pre-existing framework. Currently, the company must send DNA samples abroad for sequencing, but this could soon be bought in house. This does at least have the upside of developing the wider healthcare sector, and Osifo is confident that other entrepreneurs will follow 54gene's lead.

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Several Nigerian health startups have gained funding in the past year such as Helium Health and MDaas global , suggesting the industry could be ripe for growth. Osifo with 54gene chief of staff Abi Galadima center discussing their work at a recent Google event in London. There are also signs of greater interest from African governments, according to Dr.

We also need a few scientists in government offices to help in pushing this agenda forward.